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Minimum Age

Minimum Age for Car Rental

Rental Age:
Minimum age limit 23 years, maximum age rate 75 years old for car categories A1, B1, C.
Minimum age limit 25 years, maximum age rate 75 years old for car categories B2, B3, D, E.
Minimum age limit 27 years, maximum age rate 75 years old for car categories  F, F1, H.

Reduction of age limit:
When the driver is under 23 years old (and over 21 years old) and has a valid driving license at least one year, can rent a car with an extra charge of 10 euro per day for car categories A, B1, C.

Minimum Age for Car Rental Under 21

Minimum Age for Car Rental Under 21 by Auto Europe

If you’re between 18 and 21 years of age, you’re in a group that is brimming with desirable travel opportunities! From study abroad programs and volunteer vacations, to WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and teaching English as a second language. Your youth and zest for life open doors everywhere and with these exciting possibilities you’ll find further travel inspiration around every corner! A car rental is most ideal way to travel independently while you’re abroad and Chaniotis | Paros Rentals is here to help ensure a little thing like car rental age requirements doesn’t stand in your way!

Local Fees Applied for a Car Rental Under 21

A car rental under 21 is not an unreasonable request in theory, but there is still a global stigma associated with youth driving, and so each country and company has their own minimum rental car age requirements they strictly enforce.

Until you reach the age of 25, you are globally categorized as a “young driver,” and young drivers are subject to young driver surcharges. This set fee is applied daily, typically with a maximum cap, that car rental companies charge to each person who takes the wheel and fits their individual company description of a young driver.

The young driver surcharge can vary greatly from country to country and also between car rental companies, so it is a good idea to cross-reference this information. Luckily, Auto Europe is diligent in our practices of providing this important detail as you are perusing your car rental search results! Simply click the product information linked text next to each photo of the car rental category vehicle and voile – you’ll know in seconds exactly what each car rental company young driver policies are!


Sample Car Rental Under 21 Driver Information

Additional Driver Fees

You probably noticed that in the driver information boxes of the examples above a daily fee for additional drivers is also assessed. Again, the fees vary drastically with the driver fee maximum cap being the most exorbitant, while the highest rate you’d pay would be €56.00.

If you are weighing whether to add another driver for your trip, this fee is another financial factor to consider when you compare car rental rates.

Car Rental Age Requirements Affect Fleet Availability

As long as your car rental needs are for basic category car, we can almost always find an equitable solution with a little patience and compromise. . Fleet availability for a car rental under 21 years of age typically have more restrictions, particularly for specialty car rentals. If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you don’t see yourself making again, call Chaniotis | Paros Rentals  prestige department toll-free at +30 22840 91248, where car rental dreams are made manifest!


Car Rental Age Rules Affect Fleet Availability


Mandatory Insurance for a Car Rental Under 21 Years of Age

In most instances when you’re renting a car in Europe, you’ll find the car rental insurance requirements for you are no more and no less than they would be for any other age group. There are some car rental companies, however, that will only allow you to rent a car if you take additional car rental insurance coverage.

Providing the Age of the Primary Driver

Whether you create your car rental booking on Chaniotis | Paros Rentals  website. When making your booking, be sure you provide the age of the primary driver at the time the car rental. It could make a difference in the additional fees if they happen to exceed the car rental minimum age requirements at that time, which will give you more travel funds to work with, or it might not make a financial impact at all, but it’s important that the details are correct regardless.

Check When Your Driver’s License Was Issued

To legally rent a car internationally, the minimum travel industry standard for a driver’s license to be held is one year from the issue date.

Check the Date Your License was Issued

Should You Get an International Driving Permit?

An international driving permit translates your driver’s license information into several different languages. Depending on the country and supplier, an IDP may be required, or strongly advised.

Car Rental Under 21 with Chaniotis | Paros Rentals

Are you ready to book your car rental? Chaniotis | Paros Rentals  offers financial security to the DIY traveler who chooses to utilize our three-step car rental booking engine. If you have any questions about car rental services, Chaniotis | Paros Rentals  specialists are available to assist you via our toll-free number, + 30 2284091 248