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Alyki Paros Cyclades Island

The peaceful fish-village, with the magnificent beaches. The favourite destination for families. Visitors love Aliki that’s why they keep coming back for their holidays.

Over the years, they come to feel Aliki as their own village, they make many friends and eventually many of them become permanent residents. Aliki is one of those places on Paros which have recently known an increased influx of tourists especially the kind who seek peaceful and restful holidays.

Many of them are family people who feel and appreciate the peacefulness and safety that Aliki has to offer. Even in the high season of August, although the village is full, one does not have the sensation of being in a buzzing tourist destination.
So with time, some come to love this place, they acquire their own houses and thus offer their families the opportunity to enjoy a much desired stay in this adorable place. The most beautiful beaches are found on the southern part of the island and it is exactly there that Aliki lies.

It is famous for its golden beaches and crystal clear waters.
The delightful hills which surround it ensure its valuable protection from the strong north winds ( meltemia) and this is another reason why visitors prefer it.

It is also preferred, though, for the politeness, the kindness, the simplicity, and open heart of its inhabitants.

The smile never fades from their sunburnt faces and they are always there ready to assist and serve. For the gourmets there are numerous family tavernas and restaurants by the sea.

Aliki is famous for its tavernas; superb quality and reasonably priced food. But food becomes even tastier when it is accompanied with a glass of local Parian wine.

Aliki Beaches

Setting off from the bustling port of Parikia southbound we reach the northern part of the island where the most beautiful, protected from the wind, and peaceful beaches are found. Right past the airport, on the road Aliki – Pounda, after two kilometers the is the beach Voutakos, protected from the winds, sandy and with crystal clear waters.

There is also a small pier to dive from. Access to the beach is easy as the best part of the road is asphalted and only the last 500 metres is an easily travelled dirt road.
The beach is also accessible from the sea as there is a pier. At the entrance to the village there is the beach Agios Nikolaos.
Gravel like sand, crystal clear waters, sea trees which ensure a much desired shade, tennis court, basketball court, children’s playground and easy parking under the trees are the special Next, we come across the beach of Aliki. It lies on the northern tip of the island of Paros.

Sheltered from the winds, protected from the meltemia is a heaven for visitors whose majority is families with children who enjoy the calm sea and the clear waters. On the greatest part of this beach, sea trees are to be found which provide thick shade. All around, fishing and sailing boats find shelter in this harbour and dozens of cafés and tavernas complete the scenery.characteristics of this beach.

To the left and towards the end of the sea-front road, lies the beach of Piso Aliki. A wonderful beach which combines sand and pebbles thus satisfying all tastes. Piso Aliki looks to the open sea and has a marvelous view as you can see Ios, Sikinos, and Folegandros on the horizon. The water is clear and the depth of the sea is no more than the ordinary. There is easy parking, public Restrooms and Changing Rooms.

Faraggas: It is the most famous beach in the area becαuse it is the only one organized around the village, and the most sheltered of all the beaches on Paros. It is not affected by the north winds at all, and the sand is fine and golden.
Visitors come from all over Paros to enjoy a swim, to relax having coffee or a drink under the umbrellas and the sea trees. There are two cafés – restaurants to serve the needs of the bathers. On the far left and right ends of the beach, there are rocks of curious formations and beyond them two more small beaches.

It is ideal for people who enjoy snorkeling.


Aliki Festivals

Saint George’s Day
Is celebrated in splendid style in Aggeria. After the festive Mass and procession of the Saint’s Icon accompanied by the philharmonic of the Municipality of Paros and Dance Groups, treats, which have been prepared by our Association, are offered to the people and the Dance groups dance traditional dances in the church yard.

June 23:
«The custom of Klidonas is revived on the sea front of Aliki. After sunset, the young people of the village arrive in boats at Aliki harbour in a spectacular fashion holding torches and they set fire to the pile of “Mays” (the wreaths made on May1st) that has been waiting on the sand. Following the tradition, the “Mays” had been stolen from people’s doors where they had been hung on May 1st and had been waiting hanging in the main square until the day of the fire. When they fire is going strong, young girls and boys jump over the flames to the sound of traditional music. The Revival of the custom of Klidonas is performed very vividly at the little harbour with dances and songs by traditional Groups. The visitors enjoy themselves until late at night and plenty of barbequed octopus and souma is offered.

August 6, the “Fish Celebration”
Since dozens of fishermen live in the village, Transfiguration Day is devoted to fish in a celebration which takes place on the sea front of Aliki. The celebration is one of the grandest that take place here and the stream of people who attend is impressive. The sky is illuminated by the fireworks and the beach is light up by the torches and flares held by the young people who are in the boats. The spectacle is enchanting. Foreigners and locals alike enjoy themselves until the morning hours with songs and dance by Music-Dance Groups. Fish and abundant local wine is offered to all the visitors.

September 14:
 “The Exaltation of the Holy Cross” Local celebration – Festive Mass at the Holy Church of Saint George and procession of the Icons. Together with the consecrated bread, twice baked bread and grapes are offered. In the church yard chickpea soup and local wine is given to all. In the evening there are events featuring Music-Dance Groups from various regions of Greece organised at the harbour of Aliki.

aliki festival